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My Girl TRIBE Growing from Kenya, Uganda to The Gambia

In honor of Valentine's Day, the season of Love, the volunteer teams of My Girl TRIBE Inner Wellness offered a free Zoom conference to train more indigenous female lead trainers in the My Girl TRIBE Inner Wellness Program Model. The sessions began with full teachings on Self-Love and Self-esteem. The 5 hour sessions are taking place on 3 separate training days so that all material is covered and the new trainers are fully proficient in teaching the program materials to girls in their home communities.

Attending the Conference are new organizations from 3 different African nations. These sessions provide a great networking opportunity to share common issues girls and women face throughout various countries and continents. In attendance are:

Peace Advocates Foundation, PAF, Kasese, Uganda

Indigenous Women & Girls Initiative, Baringo, Kenya

Youth Plus Policy Network, Entebbe, Uganda

The Woman Boss, School Girl Ambassador Program, The Gambia.

Also highlighting Valentine's Day, promoting Self-Love, was a full scale 7 day training for 73 school girls in Ho Volta, Ghana, though the amazing team of My Girl TRIBE indigenous female lead trainers. These trainers include professional women who were provided the free training last February, 2022. The team from VARAS, a non-profit organization in this very impoverished rural region of Ghana, has fully embraced the Inner Wellness concepts and have been conducting trainings to spread the My Girl TRIBE message for the past year.

We are all very proud of these ladies and the men who have also embraced and understand our message. Our USA based team seeks to spread the My Girl TRIBE message to as many girls as possible throughout the world, where girls and women seek to have a better quality of life and become self-sustaining.

Stay tuned to see where in the world we pop up next! Because we are all part of ONE TRIBE....My Girl TRIBE!


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