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  • Lexy Sanguinetti

My Girl TRIBE™ Members Expand Their Skills, Thanks To Positive Psychology Association of Kenya

3 young women associated with My Girl TRIBE™ (MGT) were sponsored to attend a 20-hour Character Coaching workshop hosted in Karen, Nairobi by the Positive Psychology Association of Kenya (PPAK). The training was attended by over 50 participants ranging in profession from teachers, youth coaches to marketing professionals.

Christine Aluoch and Poulyne Atieno of Dago village, Migori, were sponsored to attend by PPAK member and friend of MGT, Mary Kittakah. Whereas, Sharon Hamisi of Emahondo village, Ebusiloli was sponsored by Dream Sponsors, Inc., the parent organization of MGT. Sponsorship included 3 days of training, room and board on site, meals, training materials and networking opportunities for each beneficiary.

Four ladies smiling standing next to one another
From left: Christine Aluoch, Sharon Hamisi and Poulyne Atieno pose with their certificates of completion awarded by The Positive Psychology Association of Kenya; they are flanked by Dream Sponsors board member, Lexy.

Before spending time with the sponsored ladies on their last day of training, I was invited to sit in on the final training session titled, "Purpose", taught by Rev. Prof. Sahaya Selvam, founder of PPAK. Selvam described purpose as "the desire to achieve something beyond self." It was clear he was fulfilling his purpose as he taught an engaging, interactive and entertaining class.

Participants learned how to write a personal statement and noted the process to finding purpose in life. Steps discussed included exploring passions, identifying talents and skills, assessing needs of self and those of others, to channeling faith and one's conscience. This was an invaluable opportunity for the MGT ladies to learn how to enhance their critical thinking and socioemotional skills, as well as expand on the self-development training received prior through MGT.

My Girl TRIBE Members Share Their Views

Poulyne Atieno (right) traveled over 6 hours by road from western Kenya to attend the Character Coaching sessions. She is one of the women who attended MGT's first "train-the-trainer" inner wellness virtual classes last year which were taught via Zoom from the USA to Kenya. When asked what she enjoyed most about the Character Coaching by PPAK, Poulyne answered with an enthusiastic smile, "I loved everything! From the environment (pointing to the landscaping), to the facilitators to the materials taught!" It was also interesting to learn this was Poulyne's first time to visit her country's capital city. Evidently, an exciting experience for her overall.

Christine Aluoch (above left), who also attended MGT's first virtual training last year, expressed that divine intervention had brought her to attend the PPAK Character Coaching. She happened to be in Nairobi for a short visit when she got the call about the sponsorship opportunity. She immediately enrolled and later said she loved the critical thinking session most, as it heightened her intellectual thinking.

Sharon Hamisi (pictured left) has been sponsored by Dream Sponsors since 2009, when she was just 11 years old. She is now a young mom and devoted teacher. She was thrilled to join the training to enhance her personal and professional skills. She said of the PPAK training, "I really benefited by learning how to better interact with my students and how to better nurture them."

Sharon is looking forward to joining the next cohort of women who will be trained under MGT's inner wellness program which has now reached beyond Kenya to The Gambia and Ghana with more countries soon to be added.

Get Involved With My Girl TRIBE™

MGT is designed to Transform, Respect, Inspire, Believe (in) and Educate young girls and women to channel better self esteem, self confidence, self care and self development. This is done through a professionally-curated, inner wellness program targeting women community leaders to reach and train as many girls or young women as possible. Women in remote, underserved communities or rural villages demonstrate a greater need for our program. We work with local partners to identify beneficiaries in communities where MGT will be useful and welcomed.

Aligning with organizations such as PPAK and enrolling our TRIBE members in skills development and training opportunities, allows MGT to expand the horizons and resources available to girls and women globally. We welcome partnerships or collaborations with like-minded organizations, individuals and companies, whose purpose or mission elevates the girl child.

Serving a girl today, serves an entire community tomorrow. We welcome support in the form of funding, volunteerism or in-kind services or products needed to conduct MGT training across the globe. Follow our journey, get in touch, donate, learn more! Any of these will help our TRIBE grow!

Special thanks to Mary Kitakkah for her support of MGT; Meridinah Otuma of Dream Sponsors and Helda Tito of Dago Dala Hera Self Help Group for assisting to coordinate the ladies' participation in the PPAK workshop; PPAK members for the hospitality and professional services provided during the coaching.


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