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  • Lexy Sanguinetti

#MyGirlTRIBE: Are You A Sibuor?

During a recent My Girl TRIBE session held via Zoom, participating women were asked how they viewed the men in their lives. They responded saying, "SIBUOR!". It was unanimously agreed the ladies saw men as "protectors". Sibuor means lion in their native language, Dholuo. The women of Dago village in Migori county, Kenya view their men as brave lions whose responsibility it is to protect them and their girls.

The women could have responded negatively, they could have said anything else, but their positive and firm answer was clear. As a woman, I view the men in my family as lions too. This may as well be a common notion amongst many women globally. It is obvious men have an important role to play in the wellbeing of women. It is a good thing! A protector is a powerful and important perception to have of another human being. It typically comes from a place of trust and respect, it should not be taken lightly. Sadly, not all men are brave lions based on their treatment of women, be it in the village, the workplace, at home or at school.

Are you a SIBUOR? Are you a BRAVE LION? Are you a man protecting women and making them feel safe both physically and emotionally? How does it feel to know this is how you are viewed by women in general? We want to hear from men who believe in protecting women. How do you do this well? Would you be brave enough to ask other men to act the same? Food for thought!

My Girl TRIBE sessions are privately held virtual meetings between women in Kenya and USA. My Girl TRIBE is a Dream Sponsors program targeting girls and young women to equip them with the self-empowerment skills to navigate life. From time to time, we share thought-provoking lessons or questions we enjoyed discussing with participants.


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