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  • Yolanda Richards and Fiston Kahindo

The Recent Dream Sponsors Essay Competition Was A Rousing Success

Editor's Note: In 2019, Dream Sponsors began offering a scholarship opportunity in the form of an essay writing competition. Once a year, participating students stand the chance to win educational support funds by submitting their writings on a provided topic. All entries are then read by Dream Sponsors officials or nominated judges and scored according to the competition's guidelines. A winner is generally selected based on the writer's creativity, writing clarity, overall essay message and effort in comparison to other entries. This year the participating students wrote on the topic: The Impact of COVID-19 on Youth in Kenya.

A young man holds his winning essay and next to him another man holds the same essay congratulating the youth
Winner of the 2021 Dream Sponsors Essay Competition, Geoffrey Ng'ang'a (left), is congratulated by Dream Sponsors Bunyore Committee Member, John Imbayi

Bunyore, Vihiga County, Kenya - This scholarship program gave participants a unique opportunity to not only express themselves and describe some of the challenges they face daily but also voice their opinions about current affairs. Moreover, it motivated them to produce their best work in pursuit of funds to help them further their education and ultimately, improve their lives and their communities.

The competition attracted essay submissions from students attending various schools including Friends Girl High School – Igunga, Ebusiloli Secondary School, International Village School – Vumilia, and the University of Eldoret (Fresher) as well as from different communities such as Ebunangwe, Mwilonje, and Ebusiloli, all in rural western Kenya.

In one essay, Dennis Likunda, a 17-year-old in Form 4 at International Village School –Vumilia High School, wrote the following: “Many youths died because of the deadly disease (Covid-19). It blocks the respiratory organs making inhalation and exhalation difficult which in turn causes suffocation resulting to death. And when youths die the economy of the country eventually goes down which leads to many families to continue living below poverty line.”

Dream Sponsors believes that through education we can make the world a better place, so we are pleased to provide programs that encourage and empower students like Dennis. Quoting the words of Nelson Mandela: “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

Geoffrey Ng'ang'a's winning essay on The Impact of COVID-19 on Youth in Kenya:

a cover letter
A letter from the assessing committee who read and scored this year's essay competition.


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