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Essay Competition Winners Announced!

Dream Sponsors and Darwyn Allen of All-En-One, LLC successfully concluded the collaborative, cross-continental, educational and cultural essay competition mentioned in the previous post. Participating high school students submitted essays entitled "Who Am I" for a chance to win scholarship funds. The organization officially named the winners of the competition which was conducted simultaneously in Kenya and in Florida.

Congratulations to Elizabeth Ayiera and Rolex Saint-Preux!

Kenya Winner Shares About Her Humble Life In Winning Essay

"I also like associating with other people in order to learn more and to gain knowledge" Elizabeth Ayiera

Elizabeth Ayiera, a graduate of Ebusiloli Secondary School, Vihiga county, is the winner in western Kenya, out of a group of selected high school students in that region. Her winning essay was beautifully penned in neat handwriting. In her essay, Ayiera clearly described her physical appearance, her family, her daily life, her style, hobbies and her hope for further education. She will receive her academic award from Dream Sponsors Committee members in Kenya at an official gathering later this year. Her full essay can be read at the end of this article. All Kenya participants will also receive a cash reward for their efforts.

A Heart-Warming Request From Our Florida Winner

Rolex Saint-Preux and his mentor and former teacher, Dawryn Allen of All-En-One, LLC
Rolex Saint-Preux (left), winner of the Florida essay competition with his mentor and former teacher, Darwyn Allen of All-En-One, LLC

Rolex Saint-Preux, a graduate of Boca Raton High School is the overall winner in the Florida-held competition. It was a very narrow win over two other contestants. The Florida students all scored high points for their thought-provoking essays, with Saint-Preux winning by less than a point. On learning the results, Saint-Preux sent a request to essay competition coordinator and Dream Sponsors board member, Lexy Sanguinetti.

Saint-Preux's request was to share his award with the other two contestants! He felt they had all made great effort to participate and all deserved the funds. Sanguinetti who had worked with the students during their senior year in high school, shared her reaction, "This is just another display of the brilliant, selfless human being Rolex is! I can vouch for this having mentored with his group (Project Men) on more than one occasion."

"I am someone who realizes that if I want to change I need to start with myself..."

Rolex Saint-Preux

About The Scholarship Award

The academic scholarship funds totaling USD $2,000 were generously donated to Dream Sponsors by The Tom Neumann Allstate Agency and The Allstate Foundation. Ayiera will receive USD $1,000 through the Dream Sponsors Kenya Committee later this year, payable directly to her current school. She is training at Muchana Computer Based Organization with hope to earn additional certificates in computer technology. Saint-Preux is now attending Tallahassee Community College with the intention to join Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University thereafter. His USD $1000 award will be split with Monica Cadagan and Paul Mode.

Outcomes of the Collaborative Effort

Discussions during the essay competition peer evaluations
Dream Sponsors board member, Lexy Sanguinetti (right) in discussion with the Florida essay contestants, (from left) Monica Cadagan, Paul Mode and Rolex Saint-Preux. The group met to read, evaluate and discuss the essay entries received from the Kenya students.

The intention of this effort was to provide tools and support for identified high school graduates on both continents to reflect on self and then capture in writing, a description of one’s personal and professional character, in preparation to introduce oneself to college recruiters or to the workplace. It also served as a platform for cross-continental dialogue and education. The American and Kenya students voted on entries from their counterparts overseas. This also allowed the students to practice and apply assessment skills and engage in peer-to-peer learning and evaluation.

Winning Essays By Elizabeth Ayiera (Kenya) and Rolex Saint-Preux (USA)

Rolex Saint-Preux's Winning Essay From the Florida competition
Rolex Saint-Preux's Winning Essay From the Florida competition

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