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Or, Would you call her Bilhah?

When her aunt submitted her application to us, her name was spelled as Piliah. In a recent letter thanking the group of young women contributing to her sponsorship, she signed her name as Bilhah. Name translation inconsistencies remind us what a blessing it is to be able to reach these children in such dire need from our privileged culture. 

Piliah is a total orphan. She lost both parents as a young child. Her home is a tiny hut she shares with her elderly grandmother in a small village in Western Kenya. 

When we learned about her, a small group of young women pulled together their funds to cover her dream sponsorship. Unfortunately, financial hardship has overtaken the group's ability to continue her support.


Piliah is currently enrolled in a boarding school attending Class 7. She is thriving emotionally and physically, and is eager to apply herself to her academic studies.


Dream Sponsors needs a new sponsor so Piliah can continue her success and complete her education. If you can help, please let us know.

Thanks! We will get in touch.

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