Students attend National Mentorship Conference


Our students attending Sirua Aulo Academy had the opportunity to attend a power conference; National Mentorship at Alliance High School. Sirua was the first school in the small Narok County to attend. Over 4,000 students country-wide congregated here and received a boost to enable them to attain even higher scores in their nationals only a few months away. We are very proud of them!

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Shout Out!

Bus needed for youth in Maasai Mara!!! Many walk in excess of 3-6 miles each way to school! Help is needed!!! Shout out to everyone who has liked and shared our previous post in an effort to spread the word about the need for the #siruabus. Please check to see if your “share” included the status text which explains the need for the bus, for some of you the share may only appear as the picture with its original caption so your friends may not know why you posted it! Thank you all, asanteni sana! Your support no matter how big or small never goes unnoticed!







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Inspiration for children in Little Rock, AR

On November 16th the Bowman family of Little Rock, Arkansas, along with the children in their neighborhood bible study, hosted a yard sale to raise money for one orphan in Kenya. The children brought over their toys to sell, made hot chocolate and were full of smiles as they raised money and awareness for the many struggling children of Kenya. 500$ was raised that day and will go towards paying for a child’s schooling, food and shelter for one year! It took just one Saturday afternoon to raise this money, what can you do to help?

The children also wrote letters to Dream Sponsors children in Kenya. Below are the cutest pictures of the children holding the letters. These letters meant the world to these children!

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Maasai People: Residing in Kenya and Tanzania


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Wake Forest student Tim Woodin sells Dream Sponsors bands as part of the Band Up Project!

Question: Why did you want to get involved with Dream Sponsors? How has it impacted you?

Answer: I am interested in getting involved with any company with as honest ideals as Dream Sponsors. Selling bands has given me, as well as other students, awareness of both the incredible lives we live as first world citizens, and the immense struggle that is unanimously present in other countries. Closing the gap between those two societies is an amazing goal that dream sponsors has.

Question: What has been your reaction for those buying the bands?

Answer: The reactions have been overwhelmingly positive. Students love the concept of a band with a Swahili phrase, and they love the idea that they are helping a cause, so when those two things are coupled they find the bands even more desirable.

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Children in Little Rock, AR receive bands from Dream Sponsors!

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Recent African Jewelry & Collectibles Party….Helped to benefit Needy Africans!

Dream Sponsors, Inc. teamed with 4 Africa Now during a private Jewelry Party at the home of Lynne Mesmer, President of 4 Africa Now. The fun-filled afternoon benefited the mission of both organizations. Attendees learned more about the work of both groups and items sold benefited the missions of both organizations. 4 Africa Now benefits the remote tribes of Africa including Zulu in South Africa and African Maasai tribes of Kenya. Dream Sponsors, Inc. provides basic needs and school fees to needy Kenyan orphans. Both organizations are based in Wellington, Florida.

Save the Date NOW!!! February 7, 2013 from 5:30 – 8:30 pm both groups will team up again to provide a fun-filled evening of African entertainment, featuring crafts and jewelry from Africa at The Player Club in Wellington!!!
Don’t miss the fun! Stay Tunes….More Details to follow!!!!


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Band Up For a Dream

As summer comes to an end and the excitement of a new school year kicks in, consider doing something different this year and sign up to be part of Dream Sponsors Band Up Fundraiser!

You can help us raise funds to sponsor a child by collecting contributions in the amount of $5.00 or more to receive a complimentary single wrist band. Members of several school clubs in Florida and Pennsylvania have raised enough money via our Wrist Band Fundraiser to sponsor an orphan for a full year. These school club members then receive periodic updates on the child they sponsor and really learn how their work benefits a child in need.

Remember: to change a child’s life, we estimate that it costs about $1,300 USD to sponsor a child for one year in our project. So that amounts to distribution and contributions of only 260 beaded wrist bands at $5.00 each. We have had excellent feedback from school club members regarding the unique quality of these wrist bands. The students simply love the bands. And, what a better way to show you care about a child in need! We welcome any amount that school club members can fundraise!!! 

If you’re interested in your school becoming part of our Band Up Fundraiser please contact us below and we will give you more information!

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Dream Sponsors Appoints Lead Project Coordinator in Kenya



The Board of Directors of Dream Sponsors, Inc. recently appointed Susan Otuma of Bunyore, Kenya the newly created position of Lead Project Coordinator.  The organization has been operating with volunteer support only with the volunteer leadership of Otuma, since it was founded in 2006.  She is well respected as a natural leader in the rural community in which she lives and works.  She has worked in several different capacities and has over 15 years experience teaching computer technology in various college academic settings, including Devonshire College of Accountancy,  the Christian Touch Centre and Kima International School of Theology.  Otuma is passionate about the organization’s mission and ensuring that the needy orphans receive their basic and school needs to ensure they have what is needed to realize their dream of a successful future.  She has developed a positive bond with relative caregivers, the children, teachers, health care professionals, the Kenyan Advisory Committee members and other community leaders.

In this new position as Lead Project Coordinator, Otuma will oversee both the Nairobi based project and the rural project in Bunyore, and her responsibilities include assuring that best practice models are followed, implementing quality assurance strategies, networking with other NGO’s and humanitarian aid organizations in the region while building meaningful collaborative partnerships, expanding the mission and vision of Dream Sponsors, and working closely with the USA Board of Directors to increase fundraising efforts to eventually increase number of orphans sponsored.

All of us at Dream Sponsors are all extremely grateful to a local Wellington Rotarian, who generously offered to sponsor Otuma’s salary in order to make hiring our very first official employee a reality!


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Tom Neumann of the Tom Neumann Insurance Agency was named Allstate’s Hand in Hand Contest winner from the Florida Region and his winning nonprofit is Dream Sponsors, Inc.  In honor of The Allstate Foundation’s 60th Anniversary, the company provided a unique opportunity for their Allstate Agents and Exclusive Financial Specialists to give back even greater to their communities.  The contest encouraged agents to advocate for the nonprofit organizations of their choice, providing additional financial assistance to the nonprofits the agents care most about. Winners were randomly selected.  Dream Sponsors, Inc. will be awarded an additional $5000 contribution to help advance their mission to provide basic needs and school fees to needy Kenyan orphans, assisting them in making their dreams of a successful future a reality.

Neumann is a founding board member and has actively volunteered for the organization since its beginning in 2006.  He also serves as an active member of the Wellington Rotary Club, which has also been very supportive of the mission and vision of Dream Sponsors, Inc. In 2010, Neumann traveled to Kenya with his wife, co-founder and president,  and fellow board members for a site monitoring visit and personally witnessed the slum living conditions that the organization’s sponsored orphans endure.  One child was still healing from life-saving open heart surgery that was coordinated through the global networking of the Dream Sponsors Team.  “The life stories and dreams of these motivated children were very inspiring.  To them, the opportunity to go to school is golden and they will walk miles in their bare feet just to get there…on time”, Neumann stated.  “It was very humbling to see the deplorable tin and mud shacks in which these children live, while also visiting their overcrowded and often dilapidated schools.   The children expressed their gratitude in poems, dances and songs, knowing now, that they too, are “in good hands!”


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